Charles Hoskinson re-imagined and re-animated!

From down under emerges the first line of CNFTs by Cardingo! Hoskeychains draw their inspiration from the cherished Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson. Contained in this collection are 10,000 computer generated Hoskeychains of varying rarity and design. These collectibles are a colorful contribution to the Cardano NFT community while paying homage to its creator Charles, whom Cardingo holds in the highest regard.

Purchase Instruction

Send the EXACT amount of ADA for the number of tokens you want to buy to the Cardano Addresses below.

Clicking “Copy to Clipboard” and pasting in to your Yoroi, Nami or Daedalus wallet is the best way to ensure you send to the correct address.

DO NOT send ADA from an exchange wallet. You MUST send from a wallet that supports Cardano NFTs (Nami, Yoroi, and Daedalus, for example) or you WILL NOT receive your NFT Token.

All investing carries a risk so, always perform your due diligence and invest wisely.

hoskeychain’s mint info

Policy ID: d734b1b17551d02bd255283b014b990d3403cb4e5d6c52a6da8dc72b

Package Deals

1 CNFT: Send 45 ADA Only (45 ADA per CNFT)
3 CNFTs: Send 120 ADA Only (40 ADA per CNFT)
5 CNFTs: Send 175 ADA Only (35 ADA per CNFT)
10 CNFTs: Send 250 ADA Only (25 ADA per CNFT)

Purchase Address

0.1% Incredibly rare!

01 The Golden Dingos

Gold background
Dingo body
(brown or white tail)
Distribution: 10
01 The Golden Dingos
0.38% Pretty damn rare!

02 Bosses of the Aquatic Krew

Aquatic body
Chains (any chain)
Distribution: 38
02 Bosses of the Aquatic Krew
0.71% Crazy rare!

03 Zombie Western Guys

Zombie body
Cowboy outfit
(any color)
Distribution: 71
03 Zombie Western Guys
1% Rare

04 Aquatic Krew

Aquatic body
Distribution: 100
04 Aquatic Krew
2% Quite Special

05 Tropical Cardingos

Hawaii hat
Distribution: 200
05 Tropical Cardingos
5% Very uncommon

06 Cardano lovers

Cardano shades
Distribution: 500
06 Cardano lovers
7% Lucky to get one

07 Original Gangstas

OG chains
Distribution: 700
07 Original Gangstas
10% Special on their own

08 Passionate Cardingos

Red background
Distribution: 1000
08 Passionate Cardingos
18% Nice to have

09 Bronze medallists

Bronze Keychain
Distribution: 1800
09 Bronze medallists
40% Enter the club

10 Cardingo Red Label

Red Keychain
Distribution: 4000
10 Cardingo Red Label

Legendary items

Also known as "Hidden gems" (These are incredibly unique!!!)

The Dingo Boss

Dingo with white tail
3D glasses
Distribution: JUST 1!!!!
The Dingo Boss

The Scary One

Zombie body
Dead eyes
Afro hair
Distribution: JUST 1!!!!
The Scary One

The Clint Eastwood

Fair skin
Brown poncho
Cowboy hat
Distribution: JUST 1!!!!
The Clint Eastwood

The Hungover Elf

Tanned Elf
Hearts Underwear
Lobster Mic
Distribution: JUST 1!!!!
The Hungover Elf

The Aquatic Couple

Aquatic body
Aquatic outfit
Distribution: JUST 2!!!!
The Aquatic couple
The Aquatic couple

hoskeychain’s categories (sub-collections)

No. Cardingo categories (sub-collections) Amount % Example Total
01 “Golden Dingos” --> Gold background & Dingo body (brown or white tail) 10 0.10% nft_1078.png 10000
02 "Aquatic bosses" --> Aquatic body & Chains (any chain) 38 0.38% nft_612.png 10000
03 "Zombie western guys" --> Zombie body & cowboy outfit (any color) 71 0.71% nft_1786.png 10000
04 "Aquatic crew" --> Aquatic body 100 1.00% nft_624.png 10000
05 "Tropical Cardingos" --> Hawaii hat 200 2.00% nft_2682.png 10000
06 "Cardano lovers" --> Cardano shades 500 5.00% nft_9995.png 10000
07 "Original Gangstas" --> OG chains 700 7.00% nft_83.png 10000
08 "Passionate Cardingos" --> Red background 1000 10.00% nft_4707.png 10000
09 "Bronze medallists" --> Bronze Keychain 1800 18.00% nft_7.png 10000
10 "Cardingo Red Label" --> Red Keychain 4000 40.00% nft_4.png 10000
Total Amount 8419 Total Percent 84.19 % Rest to 10k 1551
Notes: These 10 categories or sub-collections account for 84,2% of the total Cardingo collection.
That means that when you mint a Cardingo, most likely you will get one that is in one of these 10 special sub-collections (84,2% of the time).
The rest (15,8%) are plain standard Cardingos belonging to the main collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cardingo Project?

Cardingo project is from a group of artists who are crypto enthusiasts and an early believer of the Cardano projects. The founder beholds the philosophy of Charles Hoskinson to the core and so plans to bring in a set of curated NFTs on the Cardano blockchain where NFTs have still not gained ground. We plan to bring mass adoption of Cardano NFTs through a better serving marketplace too. While doing all these, the community will look after the Dingos as well.

What blockchain the Cardingo project is on?

Cardingo NFTs will be on the Cardano Blockchain

How is Cardingo different?

The main aim of blockchain is to evolve from Web2 to Web3, the other ecosystems have already caught up to this part but not Cardano NFTs yet. We plan to give the Cardingo community a taste of the newer web experience, web3!

What kind of NFTs will come from the Cardingo project?

The first set of AI generated 10k NFTs known a “Hoskeychains” series will be launching soon. The next series will include specially curated NFTs from the finest digital artists out there and will be released from time to time. Stay on board for surprises, don’t want to spoil the fun!

What are Hoskeychains?

Hoskeychains are 10k NFTs having a keychain theme with a huge sets of traits and are all generated with special AI algorithms and super rare hand picked data sets. Get ready for sneak peaks and reveals soon.

Which wallet should I use for minting Cardingo NFT?

Use the wallet that is compatible with Cardano alone. Daedalus/Yoroi or Nami. Do not send your NFTs to an exchange wallet as this will result in lost NFT.

How do I contact the team?

Just drop by our discord channel general chat, the mods and the community will help you out regarding any queries that you have.

hoskeychain’s art & artists

Darz the Artist

Darz is a professional illustrator and designer with a passion for character creation, and currently works as a freelancer on a variety of projects. Rayzor's contributions through his artistic guidance and direction, and Darz's contributions through her talented artwork, both played a pinnacle role in bringing life to Cardingo's Hoskeychains vision

some of Darz works

Darz artwork collage

key features of

First Ever Keychain CNFT

Hoskeychains is the first in a several part series within Cardingo's Hoskey collection. Not only is this a first of its kind keychain themed CNFT, but a select number of random investors will be eligible to receive a real physical copy of an owned Hoskeychain of their choosing, to be created and sent directly to them if meeting eligibility requirements.

Value Grows Forever

After all series in the Hoskey collection have been minted and sold out, Cardingo will never mint another Charles Hoskinson series or collection ever again. This will help ensure over time that our Hoskey collection will be one of our oldest and most valuable collections.

Series 1 in the Hoskey Collection

The first series in the Hoskey collection, Hoskeychains are a series of 10,000 artist derived computer generated NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Cardingo will be offering bundle deals, providing desirable discounts for the many interested collectors in the CNFT community.

Metadata and Rarities Transparent and Accessible

Hoskeychains and the Hoskey collection as a whole will be transparent with all various attributes, rarities, ranks and other details in relation to any minted collections. This metadata being provided on the platform, will simplify the process my making it unnecessary for those seeking these details to search elsewhere.

Honors Charles Hoskinson

Cardingo shares the deepest core philosophies of Charles Hoskinson, which is where our endless admiration for him is derived. Hoskeychains and the rest of the Hoskey collection will be minted as our timeless tribute to Cardano's cherished founder.

Profits Help Protect Dingoes and the Australian Ecosystem

A percentage of the profits from sales in the Hoskeychains series will be given as donations to the Australian Dingo Foundation. This will aid our partner Lyn Watson, to provide for and protect her pack, while supporting her long battle to prevent the extinction of their species. Doing so additionally protects the health of the Australian ecosystem as a whole, of which dingoes play a significantly vital role.